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Task Force Investigations

(720) 242-5614

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Leading Investigations

Since 2007

Educating Investigators

Since 2009

14 Years of Excellence

  • We pride ourselves on the finished product of our investigations as being complete, with no further investigation necessary. Once an investigation is completed, a review is conducted by department managers, in each department with expertise in the area of your investigation.
  • All of our agents are required to continually enhance their skills with newly emerging methods, techniques, and skills through internal and external educational organizations, professional collaborations and more. 

Latest News

Our agents have been in the news for: 

  • Locating stolen vehicles in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
  • Intervening in a robbery attempt in Worcester County, Massachusetts.


Our teamwork is flawless because we don't just work together, we share in each other's lives and events, as well as lean on each other in hard times.  We're not just co-workers, we're family.


Our agents have won/received awards for: 
  • Gone in 60 Seconds, Vehicle Repossession, Competition Award, 1st Place.
  • Exemplary Adaptation to Preserve Covert Identity.


Our continued projects include:

  • Business/Residential Security Task Force
  • Domestic Violence Task Force/Consortium.
  • National Fugitive Recovery Unit

Forward Progress

We seek out the best and brightest investigators and trainees.  We're always improving and expanding to provide the very best in the market at a price that allows our clients to do more for less money.