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Task Force Investigations

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Summary of Services

Criminal Prosecution Prep

Criminal Defense Prep

We offer all inclusive services to prove or disprove criminal activity and guilt. We offer inclusion of optional strategies of argument and execution of proceedings with the assistance of our inhouse paralegals.

Skip Tracing

Asset Location

Utilizing techniques and processes discovered in declassified government texts, cutting edge methods published by other professionals, and good old fashion leg work, we can find anyone or anything, anywhere.

Asset Protection

Loss Prevention

Consulting with our legal team, we can assemble a comprehensive loss prevention plan and team, to protect your hard work and determination. Not only can we provide the plan, we can staff your department through our sister agency, Specialized Service Management.

Corp, Franchise Compliance

Investigations and Monitoring

You've built your dream opened it to others for shared success. We'll investigate complaints, breaches of contract, & maintain awareness of ongoing operations. Reports are fully informative and include optional suggested course of correction.

Regulatory Compliance

Monitoring and Investigation

Regulatory violations are most common when exciting new developments are made within a business. Let us catch these violations before regulatory bodies and alert you to dangers to your business, leaving you to enjoy the excitement and roll out of your newest developments.

Educational Diplomas

Training Certifications

We offer Educational Diplomas & Training Certifications to professionals and hopeful professionals. We also offer to hopeful professionals, a method of gaining paid experience with the International Private Investigators Union, Paid Internship program.

Risk Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments

Fully dependent upon your level of concern, we'll envision every way we could hurt your venture to expose vulnerabilities, weaknesses in security, civil/criminal liabilities scenarios, as well as risks of regulatory compliance enforcement.

Basic Background Investigations

Pre-Employment, Pre-Residency

We conduct basic background investigations based upon a target's recorded address history. We utilize government databases for government based information, private databases for private information, and public 'data-dumps' to see what may have slipped through the cracks.

Security Clearance Style

Background Investigations

Security Clearance Style Investigations include basic searches, advanced searches, in-person interviews of former employers, co-workers, educators, relatives, current and former significant others, current and former neighbors, and more. This service requires approval on a case by case basis.

Residential Investigations

Neighborhood Review/Audits

Thinking of moving to a new area? We already have investigators on the streets. While they're in the area, We can have them answer questionnaires addressing your concerns and curiosities. We will inform you of crime statistics for your area of interest, as well as proximity of sex offenders in the area. 

Case Examination
Case Recommendation

Has another investigations agency completed a service for you? Were you in court and received an unsavory result?

We'll review your case for accuracy and effectiveness, and let you know what else should have/could have been done. Or if nothing more could have been done from an investigative perspective.

Contracts and Forms

Need a custom contract, complex purchase and sales agreement, or statement of understanding?

We write those from scratch, tailored specifically to your needs, so all your attorney needs to do is review and approve, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees.