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Task Force Investigations

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Task Force Investigations

Department of Education

The Task Force Investigations, Department of Education is available to any interested person wishing to develop or enhance their knowledge and skills in the investigative field. The Department of Education authors their own training and technical manuals, as well as sources effective tools and texts from other professionals, worldwide. It's our belief, an educational institution who claims to know everything, or claims to be the best, without regard to outside excellence, has failed at the outset of their educational mission. That's why we encourage authors to contact us as we continue to search for updated text books and training materials.

The Task Force Investigations, Department of Education develops their materials from inhouse case studies and technique reviews, as well as case studies of court proceedings we're not a party to. In person Court Case studies are an integrated part of some of our training and education programs.  Our Training & Certification alongside your Court Case Studies, and Paid Internship of the International Private Investigators Union, you'll not only emerge from your studies well informed and educated, but paid and experienced.

As an Executive Agency of the International Private Investigators Union, we're held to a Superior Code of Ethics and Conduct, the likes of which we have not found a comparison. As both Task Force Investigations and Specialized Service Management have adopted this Code of Ethics and Conduct, all of our agents, corporate officers, and students are required to accept and abide by the same.

Oath, Code of Ethics and Conduct - International Private investigators Union

Self Study Courses

Self Study courses allow different completion times so you can study at your own pace, take chapter review tests & your exam. Shorter courses allow 2 weeks while longer courses allow up to a year.

Free Informational & Educational Resources

Materials discovered by our Department of Education, from Universities, Authors and Government Agencies. Some require a free account on their site and include Government Certifications, Continued Education Credits (CEUs) for Federal Employees, and transferrable college credits.

Investigative Report Writing -  Compliance & Audit Services - Regents - U of CA

How to Write an Investigative Report - Florida Inspector General

Sample Investigative Report - University of Arizona, Compliance Office

Emergency Management (HCB100) - Hospitals and Institutions - FEMA EMI

Active Shooter Response  - FEMA Emergency Management Institute

No Examinations/Certifications Available


Certificate of Understanding Courses

Personal/Professional Presentation Refinement

Police Officer Crimes & Police Integrity - Department of Justice Video - 6min

Certificate Of Understanding

1 Certificate of Understanding $19.99

 2 Certificates of Understanding $34.99

3 Certificates of Understanding $44.99

All Certificates of Understanding $49.99

Examination and Certification Services

Educational opportunities in this section include free training resources. The price reflects the cost of Examination and Certificate of Education, only.

Wrongful Convictions  - Department of Justice Video - 1hr 27min

Aftermath of Wrongful Convictions - Department of Justice Video - 19min

Civil Protection Order Enforcement - Department of Justice Video - 1hr 30min

Examination And Certification

Cost of Exam Administration & Certificate.

1 Exam & Certification - $25.99

2 Exams & Certifications - $49.99

3 Exams & Certifications - $69.99

4 Exams & Certifications - $89.99

All Exams & Certifications - $149.99

Certification Courses

Courses do not include the price of textbooks - Some textbooks are free, others may require proof of purchase by the author. (Contact for pricing)

Asset Protection - Understanding, Guidance & Strategies - 4 Courses Available

You may take each certification individually at a per certificate cost, or couple them together for a full course at a discount.

Individual Certifications  $39.99

Diploma Courses

Understanding Emergency Management - Hospitals and Institutions

Includes courses and certification offered by the Federal Emergency Management Administration's, Emergency Management Institute. Upon completion, this course includes 2 certifications from the Emergency Management Institute and 1 certification from Task Force Investigations on the application of studies in the private sector. This also course includes CEU Credits for Federal Employees.

2 Subject Diplomas $64.99

3 Subject Diplomas $ 84.99

4 Subject Diplomas $94.99

Bachelor of Science Degree

Comprehensive & In Depth, Coursework - Focuses on Basic & Advanced Understanding,  Methodology & Guidance, as well as How To Guides & Manuals. Requires a guided interview with a local police detective & frequent visits to your local court for Case Studies.


Custom Certification and Diploma Courses

Compare the options and find the best fit for you.

Self Study Certifications

Starting at


Per Subject

Best for self paced learning

Text Book Included

Exam & Certificate Included

Open Book Exam

Phone Guidance Available


Instructed Certifications

Starting at


Per Course

Best for Assisted Learning

Textbooks, Exams, Certificate(s) included

30 min Phone Guidance Included


Open Book Exams

Free Level 1 IPIU Forum Membership


Master Diploma

Starting at


All Current Courses

Best for Career Starters

Textbooks, Exams, Certificate(s) and  Diploma Included

60 min Phone Support Included


Perpetual Internship & Paid Experience

3rd Party Certification of Experience

Free Guidance to Obtaining a

Vocational Education Grant

To cover the cost of this course