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Task Force Investigations

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About Task Force Investigations

Task Force Investigations is a National Private Investigations Agency in the United States. We are a Relationship Business Practitioner. We don't simply take your money and complete a service. Once a service is complete, if something changes the effectiveness of your results, we'll reach out to you and update our information.

We care about our individual and business clients. We work to complete the services you request, while decreasing/compressing costs wherever possible. We do this to ensure you're able to do more with us, protect yourself more and focus on the longevity of your vison in business and government. We proactively work to streamline our services, reports, and communications to make us the easiest, most informative, and cost effective.

In carrying out our mission to businesses and government organizations, it is often necessary for us to staff loss prevention departments, asset protection departments, & corporate/franchise/governmental compliance departments. So we've incorporated another agency, (SSM) Specialized Service Management. 

Specialized Service Management specializes in the seamless integration of our staff, services, and resources into your organization. This gives the image your organization has a full service investigations department in-house. If Specialized Service Management is a required component of your path with us, your account will be forwarded so you're receiving one financial statement and a more enhanced experience, with all of the benefits of both agencies with a single contract.

In carrying out our services to individuals, you'll realizing you're gaining a friend, there to help you with your investigative needs. Whether you need probate, criminal defense, cheating spouse investigation services, or something else, we're here. You'll never need to locate an agency for this service, or another for that service. We pair the best qualified specialist to each case. As a case evolves, we'll involve specialists from other backgrounds/specialties to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your results.

Professionalism - Kinship - Results

Task Force Investigations

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